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We know that it’s the people you work with who can make the biggest difference. That’s why you’re in good hands with our team. With the understanding that in an international business disagreement or crisis, each mediatee expects a mediator who is fluent in the native language and culture - we co-mediate with local mediators throughout the global marketplace. Having mediators who can understand the intricacies of diverse languages and cultures involved in a mediation is critical in building trust, demonstrating impartiality, and bringing a sense of fairness to the mediation and conflict management process.  

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The team of the business mediation firm is supported by associates and, if necessary, by targeted experts of various disciplines. The right fit of competence is the goal when offering you a competent win-win solution professional for the widest variety of challenges.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Santoro is founder, primary mediator and key consultant in this firm. 
With extensive iADR, mediation, legal, conflict management, coaching, instruction and communication experience, he has developed a reputation for excellence, high performance, and innovative solutions - especially in difficult,  

complicated intercultural / international business and sophisticated family business cases. 

Personal description
Originally from New York City, Prof. Dr. Santoro has spent most of his professional life both in academia and in the business world. In the USA, he had a corporate training (intercultural foreign assignment integration) and consulting company for nearly twenty years in an area of intensive international investment (i.e., BMW in Spartanburg, S.C.). Parallel to that, he taught BA and MA students at the McColl Business School in intercultural business communication (i.e., Bank of America). He also advised and coached local and international clients on start-up, entrepreneurial, and intercultural communication / language competency issues in the USA and the EU. 

Law Office Manager in the areas of professional negligence and malpractice in the USA for several years. As a state institution certificated paralegal he conducted and/ participated in the intake, research, court preparation and settlement team processes of medium to large law suits. 

For more than 25 years now, Dr. Santoro has been a specialized English university instructor and business / corporate trainer in the fields of law, mediation, conflict and crisis communication, business management, and intercultural business communication. 
In addition to his involvement in mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR), he developed and taught in various aspects of intercultural conflict management and international corporate governance currently as a full professor in the communication and management department of a reputable, private university. 

In his professional segment, Dr. Santoro is continuously conducting research, is a member of professional mediation organizations in Europe and North America and is currently writing a book series specializing mediation in intercultural conflict management and intercultural / international business communication and negotiation. 
He is currently based in the EU and Florida, but is active anywhere in the world where mediation cases and intercultural negotiations arise. 

Core competencies of Prof. Dr. Thomas Santoro:

  • State-certified - nationally and internationally - (EU) Business Mediator. Mediation certification consisted of 200 hours of training + continuing education. Conflict Management Consultant, Expert in Intercultural Business Communication / Coach / Consultant / Researcher and Author
  • Specialization in international / intercultural mediation (organizational behavior, communication)
  • Professor in the communication and management department of a private university, Hamburg
  • On-going academic and professional research and writing in intercultural conflict management and international business communication topics.
  • Law professor / mediation courses (University of Hamburg) / IBC (IWK)- MBA program (McColl Business School)
  • Ph.D. in intercultural business communication / international conflict management, master's degree in German cultural studies, state-approved paralegal certificate program, digital technology certificate (CompTIA), further education in mediation and conflict management
  • Expertise and on the job training as former office manager (USA) of a law firm (professional malpractice / negligence).

Britta Sieberichs-Santoro

Bilingual co-mediator (English – German): Msc Business, Language and Culture, MA International Management Studies, BA European Cultures & Society. Communicative qualities: dynamic engagement, emotionally intelligent, curious, creative, empathetic.

International Mediator and Co-Mediator Associates
Impartial, but culturally and linguistically competent associates can be integrated into most international conflict resolution, intercultural negotiation, and crisis management cases.