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Mediation for Diplomatic, Political, and Governmental Issues, Conflict and Crisis Management

Consulting in all areas of international and intercultural conflict management
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The Business Mediation Firm of

   Dr. Thomas Santoro, professor   

In brief:

Client and customer journey oriented. Partnering with international law firms and global organizations, as well as small and family businesses. 

  • EU sanctioned state certified business mediator (200 + 40 hrs., D) 
  • Graduate of a state supreme court certified circuit court civil mediation training program (US-FL) 
  • Certificated paralegal and law office manager – specialization: professional negligence, other 
  • Consultant, coach, theorist, researcher, practitioner in intercultural / international conflict management  
  • Extensive technical and people skills 
  • Networking: glocal mediator, co-mediator and law firm partnering
  • Flexible pricing
  • mediation style - adaptive / integrative: expertise oriented evaluative mediation, as well as facilitative mediation skill sets
  • Location: virtual online mediation - all global / glocal assignments considered
  • University professor, areas of specialization: intercultural business communication, crisis / conflict management, virtual global team management, international customer relations management, media management, international relations & business/culture studies, mediation/ADR – Anglo law studies, specialized language and business topics

Global Values:

"Mediation is more than mediation. It is a commitment and journey in grasping a critical goal together from which we all profit with new knowledge, positive logistics and the expansion of our world view. Impartial, intercultural, innovative, competent, practical = global and strategic mediation success".